Ogbono Soup!

Recipe fromΒ Bukie’s Kitchen Muse

I love love love Ogbono soup! Ogbono soup with eba is always a winning combo for me!
Any time I think of Ogbono soup, Esse Agesse’s Fine Peppersoup always comes to my head don’t ask me why o!

Ingredients (Listed them out because it might be hard getting them from the short video)
1/4 cup Palm oil
3/4 cup Groung ogbono
1/2 cup Stock
Water (I used 1.5cups)
2 Stock cubes
1 tbsp Ground pepper
Pinch of salt ( go easy on this because I find it tends to get salty quite easily)
450g assorted meat (emm I say use as much you have available or want 😊)
150g smoked fish
Blended crayfish (I used 2tbsp)
Chopped uziza leaves (substituted with bitter leaves since that was what I had, you can skip altogether)

It’s a pretty quick soup to prepare I must add!

Was delicious of course!! Can I just say I love how Bukie seems to have gotten down exact measurements? I never have to adjust anything!!

Rating β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…


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