Chin Chin

Recipe from 9jafoodie

Making chin chin brings back fond memories! My Mum enjoyed cooking and baking (she still enjoys cooking though she rarely bakes anymore). It provided the perfect activity for her to bond with us over the weekend considering her busy work schedule.

First time I attempted this recipe was about a year ago. A colleague was traveling to his home country, which just happens to be where my eldest brother lives 😊. I asked my brother if he wanted me to send anything and he mentioned chin chin! Me I wasn’t planning to travel to the African store with my big belly at the time and I asked if I could make him some (I omitted the part where this would be my first time to him though 😁). See me hoping the recipe won’t “fall my hand”! This recipe won hands down!

I skipped the nutmeg because I didn’t have any.

I used a pizza cutter to cut mine, chai it saves time! I remember how my sister and I used to cut with a pair of scissors, it was fun then but definitely not now o!

The first batch I fried tasted burnt! (see the ones in the strainer). For the next batch, I made sure it was ready by- colour (it looked like what I would want the output to look like, does that make sense 🤔) and texture (I pressed it, not too hard) and took them out of the pan.

Perfect! Not too soft and not too crunchy either.



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