Hi and Welcome!!

So… I’m a Naija girl that never got into the “art” of cooking (don’t judge me na!)

I just was never interested in cooking, bread and milo were ALWAYS sufficient! Well, fast forward to me getting married and moving 8,920 km miles from Lagos (home sweet home!). I needed to eat food, proper Nigerian meals and err this babe couldn’t cook. So I started scouring Instagram (O bless God for Internet and Instagram!!!) for recipes, recipes with proper measurements to accommodate novices like me (Biko add seasoning to the sauce, what’s that? tell me number of cubes abeg!). The search has led me to saving recipes that were back-to-back hits (not 1 hit wonders like my hubby would say haha!).Some people started asking me to share my recipes (My?, hehe tis from the Internet). So now I’m collecting and sharing them here for everyone!

Welcome, and please enjoy the adventures of the Naija Girl That Can’t Cook!